With you through thick and thin

With you through thick and thin

The impact of the Covid 19 virus has affected everyone, personally and anyone with investments, or pensions financially. Soon it will affect many more people whose livelihoods depend on people being able to do what they normally do.

In this period of social distancing the team at CBIFA has taken the opportunity to enable remote working for all staff (essential for disaster recovery anyway) and we are proud to say that we have embraced it and it is business as usual from the perspective of being there for our clients and continuing to look after their financial needs day to day.

We are able to give advice, continue to implement and review strategies, and put new things in place all remotely. With the internet and postal system there is nothing we can’t do that we have always done before for our clients. So, if you need financial advice in these worrying times get in touch, we will be eager and able to help as always.


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