Pensions & Retirement Planning

As people are living longer retirement can be as long, if not longer than a working career and freed of the time constraints imposed by work all your time is ‘leisure time’. In addition more people are keeping active for longer and activities generally cost money (as do grandchildren).

Therefore it makes sense to plan your retirement and the income you will have will play a large part in determining your lifestyle. Most of us would expect to be free of mortgages by retirement, but many living costs and bills simply carry on unabated so having the means to have the lifestyle you want for as long as you need it is not something to be left to chance.

Naturally any investment (deposits, property, shares, ISAs, bonds, pensions etc.) can be used to provide security and income in retirement. They do so in different ways, with different taxation aspects and so taking advice and having a co-ordinated plan of all your options, understanding the different risks they present and what you will receive in your hand and when is key to planning your retirement.

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