For he’s a jolly good FELLOW

For he’s a jolly good FELLOW

Chris was very pleased to learn last Friday that he was successful in his final exam on the Advanced Diploma of the Personal Finance Society’s syllabus on the subject of Pension Planning. This is a specialist qualification that enables advisers to undertake occupational pension transfers, the most complex area of financial planning, should it be best advice for the client.

Chris has been successfully working on occupational pension transfers for many clients, under the supervision of an appropriately qualified colleague for 6 years now and felt that the time was right to get the qualification in his own right and supervise others as and when required.

In addition to gaining the specialist qualification the extra ‘points’ that this exam success gave him automatically qualified Chris for election as a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, which is the pinnacle of academic achievement for a Chartered Financial Planner and so Chris’s financial planning designation is now FPFS. Time to get some new business cards printed!

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